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Surface observations / Quebec / CYUL (71627)

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Weather Conditions observed on 2023/03/30 at 21:00 UTC at MONTREAL INTL A, QB (CYUL)

Sky conditions: few clouds.

Temperature: 0.0 Celsius.

Dewpoint: -13.0 Celsius.

Relative Humidity: 37%

Winds were not reported.

Mean Sea level Pressure: 102.34 kilopascals.

Altimeter Setting (QNH): 102.30 kilopascals or 30.21 inches of mercury.

Coded METAR:

CYUL 302100Z CCA 25019G24KT 30SM FEW060 FEW082 00/M13 A3021 RMK SC1AC1 SC TR AC

TR SLP234=